June 04, 2015

:: Sorry to be MIA yesterday!! We worked out after work and then headed over to Jon and Nadene's for dinner and fellowship. She made us a delicious meal baked chicken, green beans and mushrooms, and cole slaw. After dinner, Nadene and I met separately for our mentoring meeting and that went really well. I am loving our time together! Afterwards, the four of us gathered back up together and did some talking. It was just a lovely evening! We didn't get home until about 10:00, and that was time to get ready for bed!

:: Today, I was part of a lunch and learn about meal planning, and it went really well! We had 31 attendees, men and women both. There were four of us speaking, and we took turns. The hour went very swiftly! I think people enjoyed it and hopefully everyone took at least one takeaway with them to incorporate into their lives.

:: For dinner tonight, I made a group swap meal -- it was a cheesy enchilada casserole. It was pretty good! Better than anything, I came home from work, turned on the oven, and heated it up for 20 minutes. Dinner is served! This is really the Easy Button and I am enjoying it!

:: I signed up for my next Stitch Fix for the end of July -- looking forward to it! I have been posting a lot of new things onto my Fashion board on Pinterest...this time, I still requested NO denim, and I asked for a bright colored purse and a bright colored midi skirt. I also requested NO navy because I have been getting a lot with navy in it. Yes, I have kept some of those navy items, but I want bright!

:: I ordered some candles today! My friend Katie's house always smells so amazing, and I asked her what kind of candles she burns. It is a very distinct smell. This is what she uses, and I put in my order today! Should arrive next week! Volcano from Anthropologie...

:: The NBA finals begin tonight and Chris is excited! He is actually rooting against Lebron's team, which is shocking. He loves Lebron (I do not). Should be a fun series!

:: We had our air conditioner fixed today. It would not cool off lower than 80 degrees, and if we set it lower it would just run and run and run. He had to replace a part, and we came home this evening to a very nice, cool house! Yay! Luckily it is still under warranty, so we did not have to pay for the part. We just had to pay for the labor.

:: Alrighty...with this group cooking thing, I am finding myself with a lot more time in the evenings! It is not even 8:00 yet...what!! I am going to go relax, yay!!

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