June 02, 2015

:: Tonight was Bunko night...which turned in to Farkle night because we only had four players! But, Farkle is just as fun, I really enjoyed it. We actually played Spicy Farkle, which is slightly different with some fun additional bonuses!!

:: Tomorrow evening, we are having dinner at Jon and Nadene's house, and then she and I will do our weekly mentor meeting. Looking forward to it!

:: We had a meeting today about the Meal Planning Lunch and Learn we are doing this Thursday...we are excited for it! I learned that 30 people have RSVP'd so far, and they are also going to record it so that those who work outside our office can view it. Hopefully the information we share will be helpful!

:: We went to Sam's over the weekend, and I got a 2 lb container of the yummiest strawberries!! I have eaten almost the entire thing between Saturday and now. They are delicious and so so sweet!

:: Did I tell you what our next book club book is? It will be I am Malala, a memoir about a Nobel Peace Prize winner who was shot by the Taliban. I'm not sure of the story, but it is slow going...very detailed, explaining Pakistan life and translating words, etc. Could be a long read. I'll give it a chance, but if it goes nowhere for me I am not opposed to stopping it!

:: Mimi is home from her long weekend in Decatur visiting Eddie...sounds like they had a fun time! They did some shopping, played dominoes until the wee hours, danced! Fun fun!

:: I've got about thirty minutes left of my evening, so this is adios for tonight!

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