June 01, 2015

:: Holy moly, where did Monday go? It was a blink of my eye. We had some firewall issues at work, so I wasn't able to get some stuff done that I needed to. So I filled in with some other stuff, and it was 5:00 before I knew it!

:: Our new marketing assistant, Becka, started officially today! She did great, and had a very productive day. I have high hopes for her success with us!

:: Today I learned about Nike ID -- you basically pick your shoe and then pick whatever colors you want, etc. For all parts of the shoe. This is the one I created, playing around :) It's a bit more than I want to spend though...even though it would have my name on the tongue of the shoe ha ha!

:: So You Think You Can Dance started tonight!!! Love this show, it is my favorite!!!! So excited for the Street vs. Stage with Twitch and Travis as the leaders!

:: I've been working on things for my mentorship meetings with Nadene...so excited about how those are going! We have met twice now. Trying for once a week. This week, we are memorizing The Lord's Prayer (Matthew 6:9). We are also going through Jame 1 and 2 and picking out life principles from the scriptures. That is kind of difficult!!

:: Today we made our swap for the group cooking...I made my lasagnas and in return I got a cheesey enchilada casserole and a teriyaki chicken for the grill. I should also be getting a taco pie tomorrow. Tonight for dinner, I cooked my lasagna and Chris told me, "This is the best lasagna I have ever eaten in my entire life, ever!" Umm...wow! Food compliments are rare (I'm an ok cook, nothing too great), so this made me super happy!!! Hope the girls I swapped with like it too!

:: That is all I've got :)

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