May 31, 2015

Stitch Fix #5

I was very excited to receive my 5th Stitch Fix!! You may be thinking, "Didn't you just get one??" and you would be correct! However, I only kept one thing from the last Fix, and I still had credit to spend, birthday gift cards to spend, and birthday money to spend! So I scheduled another one :)

In my notes to the stylist for this one, I again listed NO DENIM. And I asked again about the bag that I am wanting, and requested that if it was out of stock to let me know. Karly has been my stylist on the last two, and she has been good. This time I had Jennifer. The Fix looked promising upon opening...let's get started!

41 Hawthron Cabrillo Tie Neck Blouse -- Jewel Tone Purple -- $54.00

This color was nice, very vibrant. The pleats and the bow were cute, but when I tried it on, the pleats looked funky. It probably looks cute on a small chested woman because the pleats hang down straight...I am not large, but too large for this I guess  :) I also think this is a bit too basic...again, I am looking for unique items, and am thinking prints. It will take a pretty special solid to make me say yes! VERDICT -- RETURNED

Ezra Cuballa Embroidery Knit Top -- Navy -- $58.00

Oh this was a no right out of the box, but an even bigger no when I tried it on! This shirt has three different fabrics and three different patterns -- it has a bit too much going on! The back is silky material, the front is tshirt material, and the shoulders are heavy embroidery. Honestly, it was pretty comfy, except for the shoulders...the embroidery was heavy! Being heavy, it hung to the skin, and then where the tshirt material begins in the front, it juts out...this made my chest look very odd and about twice as big as it is! Weird. Oh, and then let's throw in two tassles in the front :) Just an all-around NO on this one. I am not big on the bohemian look. VERDICT -- RETURNED.

Daniel Rainn Bilson Pleated Blouse -- White -- $68.00

I am not really a big flowery fact, my style profile used to say No Florals! However, I have seen some of their recent floral items online, and thought they were very pretty. So I went in and changed my profile to allow them. I am so glad that I did! This shirt is very pretty -- it is white, with coral flowers and blue leaves. Very feminine pattern and material...flowy and light. The fit is good and it even came with a built in white tank for underneath. Nice! I like the loose scoop neck and the subtle pleats on the front. VERDICT -- KEPT!

 Pixley Tammi Printed Dress -- Blue -- $68.00

I had high hopes for this dress! The pattern is fun and whimsical -- little sailboats! I liked it, but when I posted it on Instagram for feedback, I received a comment that the pattern was a little too overwhelming on me. The material was nice and flowy. I loved many things, but just couldn't get it to work. I loved the top part -- this is the kind of straps that I really love, because it shows off your shoulders and doesn't make you look boxy. The little open V up top was cute too. I loved the length in the back. But it was a little too short for me in the front. I am not opposed to shorter in front and longer in back, but the front would need to start out longer, with the back longer. My main issue with this dress is the waist. I have a very difficult time wearing a waist that has a tie/gather. I think my torso is just too long, and it hits me in such an odd place. I need a more structured waist, not a random waist like this one. More of a fit and flare, etc. Sadly -- VERDICT -- RETURNED.

 Urban Expressions Marsha Bowler Satchel Bag -- Light Blue -- $68.00

Thank you, Jennifer, for addressing the bag and letting me know that the one I want (the second one here, turquoise) is out of stock. And thank you for offering to watch for it, for future Fixes! I do appreciate that Jennifer also tried to find me a similar bag. The style of the bag she sent (the top bag) was similar to the one I want, but I feel that it had a much cheaper look to it in the handles and in the material. What's strange is I believe this one is more expensive than the one I want! The color though -- I can't do that light blue. Ick. No no no. The reason I like the other bag is mainly because of the bright turquoise color. Not necessarily the bag style (but I do like that style too). So I would possibly like another bag with this same turquoise color, if there is something different. I'm open to that! VERDICT -- RETURNED.

So, there you have it...I kept the floral shirt and sent the other items back. And the very next day I learned that I had more credit! :) So I will be scheduling another Fix soon!

I don't consider "just keeping one item" to be a failed fix, not at all. I think it will be very rare to ever keep all five pieces. If I find anything out of the five that I like, even just one thing, that makes me happy. It's one less trip to a store I had to make!!  I'm excited to wear my new floral shirt!

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