June 28, 2015

We had a busy busy weekend, but it was filled with lots of good things!

:: Friday evening, we had a progressive Marketing Department party! We started at Jeff's house for burgers and chips, then moved on to our house for desserts and a game! The photo above is a pic of everyone that came, in front of Jeff's beautiful pool! A few people blew bubbles at Jeff's, then everyone brought a dessert to share at our house. Jeff and Chris took over the theater room and watched Pirates of the Carribean (but really just talked about work), and the rest of us gathered in the living room to play The Sentence Game. That ended up being a lot of fun!

:: Saturday morning, I ran a few errands. I stopped at an estate sale and bought a few scrapbook supplies, then moved on to Kohl's -- I found the three above goodies there! I love the collar on the sleeveless shirt, so cute! The leopard shirt is a subtle black and silver. I am excited about the gold bracelet -- the flat bottom will be great for work where I am typing and mousing...

:: Saturday evening, we went to Matt's house for the Internet Technology department party! I took some strawberry jello salad there, and we had a feast! Matt cooked fajitas that were very yummy! We enjoyed our time there with all the "nerds" :) ha!

:: Sunday has been filled with chores...but the highlight has been discovering that the Cardinal eggs have hatched! Two of the three. They are so precious, all huddled together. The parents keep bringing them grasshoppers. It is so fun to watch! I can't wait until they look like tiny little Cardinals!

:: Tonight for dinner, I am going to attempt to make sushi for the first time!! It will be a very basic roll with imitation crab, avocado, and green scallions. We shall see how it goes. Excited but nervous :)

:: I am loving the new Volcano candle that I bought, so I just put in an order for more! This time I got the bigger size, and am getting two. It makes our house smell so good! I am also liking Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Room Freshener in Geranium. It is kind of floral, which I don't typically like. But this one is mild and fresh.

:: The week ahead -- thankfully, it will be a little less busy than last week! We are off work on Friday for the holiday, and we will be celebrating Chris' 41st birthday that day! Saturday, we are going to Granbury to spend the 4th of July at the lake with Jon and Nadene. We'll come back Sunday morning. Looking forward to it!! What are your plans for the 4th??

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