July 31, 2015

Headaches -- Oi!

So, sometimes I get headaches...

About once a month, I get a massive migraine that is 100% no fun. Sometimes I can keep them at bay for the most part, and sometimes they kick my butt completely and I have to go to bed.

(I will say, another perk of perfectly clean eating is that the migraine situation was waaaaaay better...almost non-existent. Yes, another reason to get back on track!!)

So, Tuesday and into Wednesday this week I suffered from this type of migraine. I had a fun girl's night planned with my Bestie on Wednesday evening, and really wanted to do everything I could to prevent the headache from reaching the point of no return. So I pulled out all my secret weapons:

:: Peppermint Oil -- I do love this stuff. And even if it doesn't work, it smells amazing :) I dab a drop on my forehead and temples, and on the knob at the base of my neck. I also add a drop right under my nostrils, so that I am continuously sniffing it. It provides a tingling feeling and offers some relief. It also helps to put the peppermint oil into a diffuser of some sort, and have it misting into the air around me.

:: China Gel -- this is sort of like an Icy Hot type of cream. It is a light turquoise green color, and has a very intense menthol smell. I follow the same procedure with this -- temples, forehead, base of neck. This also provides a tingling feeling.

:: Acetaminophen -- this is about the only type of pain medication I can take. I can't do Tylenol, ibuprofen, or aspirin because they cause severe allergic reactions. I can only take one acetaminophen at a time, because two causes the same allergic reaction. My body is very weird. I'm not sure that this offers any relief but I take it every four hours just to be safe.

:: Ice Pack -- I alternate this between my forehead and the knob at the base of my neck.

:: Nap -- sleep tends to help. The longer the better, but it is always good to get even a bit if possible. Closing the eyes and relaxing the face and body are good.

:: Sugar -- sugar is bad in many, many ways, but it does take the edge off the migraine. Sweet tea, candy, chocolate milk. If I can be constantly inhaling some type of sugar, that helps.

:: Wine -- I discovered, during our girl's night, that a nice glass of wine takes the edge off, too! When all else fails, imbibe!! :)

Do you have any headache relievers to share? I'll gladly add them to my bag of tricks!

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