July 07, 2015

Our 4th of July at Lake Granbury!

We were blessed this 4th of July to spend the weekend with our dear friends Nadene and Jon at Nadene's parent's lake house! We haven't been to the lake in about 15 years, so it was extra fun!

We drove up to Lake Granbury Saturday morning...we arrived at their beautiful home around 10:30, and met Nadene's parents (Diane and Gary) and Jon's parents (Donna and JD). Such a lovely family, and we enjoyed our time with them.

Gary had his yard decorated with flags, it was so festive and patriotic!

When we walked in the door, we were first greeted by Molly! I was so excited to see her there! Molly is a dog that Nadene dog sits from time to time, and she came to the lake with them. Molly is SWEET SWEET! I love her to pieces :) Look at those looooong eyelashes!

After we settled in and had some lunch, we headed out on the pontoon boat for the first time! It was so nice on the boat, loved it!! Jon was captain, and he showed us all around the lake. There are some very amazing houses on the lake, whew!!! It was a beautiful sunny day, and the boys chatted and got in the water while Nadene and I chatted and got some sun. It was so relaxing!

Sweet Nadene...she is precious. No other word for her. She blesses my life.

Even with the intense sun, I didn't get burned -- sunscreen is a great thing! It was so relaxing to hear the water and feel the wind as we motored along. And man I love this hat, I've gotten so much use out of it this summer!

Me and my man on the boat :)

That evening, after much more eating and games, we headed out on the boat to find a spot on the water to watch the fireworks. It was so pretty to see all the boats anchored around, with their little lights on...seeing the fireworks while on the lake was an incredible experience! They were right above us!! So much so that the ashes were falling in our boat! So beautiful and close! And loud!

The best part of the whole thing was listening to Nadene during the fireworks -- she was JOYFUL about the whole thing! Exclaiming for each one! "Wowza!!" "Nifty!" "Oh, that's my favorite!" On and on the whole time...it made me smile and love her more!! I've never met anyone who loves fireworks as much as her! It was an amazing show...best I've ever seen!

The next morning, after breakfast, we all headed out on the boat again. Their daughter, Tucker, joined us Saturday evening, so she went with us too. I took the shade on this day, and did some reading. Nadene read too, and Chris did some work on his laptop. Tucker got some sun and Jon did some fishing. Everyone, doing their own thing and loving life!

And you can't deny the cannonball!! :) Love this one!

And...sadly, I lost aforementioned hat :( Jon got to going fast in the boat, and it flew right off! We circled back to get it and almost had it, but Chris pushed it deeper with the fishing pole and under it went. Booooo! Back to Target I go to get another one!

Just a perfect, relaxing, wonderful time at the lake! We had the most gracious hosts -- they opened up their beautiful home to us, fed us until we were fat and happy, and shared their family time with us. So lovely.

It was a happy happy 4th!!

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I could take that little Molly in a flash. Looks like a Mia I watch! PTS

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