July 07, 2015

Flooding 2015

So...this morning, we were awakened at 3:00 a.m. with loud thunder and very bright lightening...along with pouring rain. Turns out, it has rained almost 7 inches today, and living in a place that doesn't have a sewer system has made for a very flooded city.

The "lake" in our front yard is back...it was filled with rushing water this morning, and was back up to our first tree. Inching toward the house. By the time I left for work at 8:00 a.m., the water was up over the street and rushing into the neighbors ditch. Yards were flooded and our retention pond at the beginning on the subdivision was 100% full and overflowing (it was empty yesterday). In the pic below, you can see the lake, and at the top near that trash can, you can see it flowing up and over the street.

The drive to work was tricky, as roads were already being closed. I made it to the highway after some zigging and zagging, only to find that my exit off the highway was completely under water and closed off. So I had to go down farther and turn around. Crazy.

At lunch, Chris and I drove his truck home to check on our house and the dogs. We have multiple different ways to get to our house, and after trying 5 of having to turn around due to covered or closed roads, we finally got home on our last option. Thankfully! I was really beginning to worry that we wouldn't be able to get home at all, and I wasn't sure what we would do then.

The levels at our house had gone down a bit, which is good...no water inside the house, whew. But the roads getting there -- that's another story. Gushing water. 

The photo right above is our neighborhood retention pond gushing out into the main street...which is what it is supposed to do, but there is now nowhere for that water to go. Scary stuff. I am thinking that it is even worse in town, so I am praying that everyone made it home safely this evening.

Our little town direly needed rain, and there have been many prayers going up for rain...but I think we can safely stop those prayers now please!! We certainly have more than we need. This will be a mess for quite some time.

And to top it off -- it is STILL RAINING!!!!!!!!!!!

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