July 15, 2015

Wednesday Ramblings

:: Today, I tried using a diffuser on my hair dryer, for the first time. Hmmmm. I had to watch a youtube.com video to even figure out how to use it, and it wasn't at all how I thought! Ha! Unfortunately, I was not able to find a diffuser that fit my dryer exactly, but it is close. I had to hold it in place :( So redneck!! Where's my duct tape!!! So the search is still on to find one that fits. The curl the diffuser produced was pretty, and way curlier than I am used to. The bottom looked decent, but the crown not so much. Need to keep practicing!! Currently it is in a pretty, curly ponytail because I couldn't deal with it!

:: In disappointing news, the first live episode of So You Think You Can Dance did not record on Monday for some reason. What!!!!!!!!!!!! I almost cried when I went to watch it and it wasn't there! It's a small thing, people, but it's my fave and sometimes the small things seem big. I will be double/triple checking next Monday, you can be sure!!!

:: I am wearing one of my new Stitch Fix tops, and have already gotten a lot of compliments! Also getting a lot of oooohs and aaaahhhhs over my new purse. :) I have tried selling the two tops on a Facebook site, but haven't had any luck there. I have to checkout at Stitch Fix by Thursday, so I will go ahead and send the tops back then if I don't have any sales by then. It was worth a try! (The reason for attempting this is that purchasing all 5 items in a Fix gets you a 25% discount!)

:: Last night we had our monthly bunko! It was cancelled last week due to the flooding, and we had a nearly full group last night. We decided to play farkle instead, and that was lots of fun! Came home with an Arby's gift card. We haven't eaten at Arby's in over 15 years, so I will most likely regift it next month! :)

:: This evening, I am meeting with Nadene for more spiritual mentorship -- I'm looking forward to our time together! I love it! Then I am going to make chicken salad for dinner and RELAX!!!!

:: Our current book for book club, The Sweetest Thing, is turning out to be a very good story. I am really enjoying it. It is nothing flashy, and it is ramping up slowing -- but things are beginning to unfold and it is a much deeper, layered story than I imagined. I'm about 65% done, and I'm looking forward to discussing it with the girls at the end of the month!

:: Chris' meetings in Denver are going great this week! He is pumped, and that is so great to see. He makes me proud! He should be home late Wednesday.

:: I put in an order with Target yesterday -- I had to replace my lovely straw hat that was sacrificed to the bottom of the lake!! The website was also having a Buy One, Get One 50% Off sale (on accessories), so I also purchased some sandals too! (These but in brown!! Guess I got the last brown pair!) I've been needing brown ones, and I thought these were simple and cute. So, sale items, and free shipping too!!

:: Our July scrapbook retreat is coming up soon!! Kim and I placed a joint photo order on Winkflash last night, and it is time to make sure I have enough preplanned to keep me busy! Very ready to have a scrapping weekend!!!

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