August 12, 2015

Anniversary Trip Post 4

  WEDNESDAY, 8/5/15  

We woke up Wednesday morning and had breakfast at the hotel...and then we met our tour bus out front of the hotel at 10:00 am!!

Our driver's name was Garrett, and he was a sweet kid. He took good care of us all day! We were his first pick up, and then we stopped to get Jenn and Dan (a young couple who lives in separate cities and doesn't see each other often = all over each other!), and Janet and Lauren (a mother/21 year old daughter). The six of us headed to two wineries for tastings, and had lunch at the second one. Then we headed back in to pick up two additional groups -- Shelley and Josh (another couple) and Taylor and her friend (two recent college graduate girls, one recently engaged). Then out we headed to hit three more wineries! Annnnnd we talked Garrett into stopping at Grape Creek at the very end, he was very sweet to oblige us!! :) It wasn't part of the tour, so we had to pay there...but that's ok! (And we are members there, so we get a free glass every time we go anyway!)

Our Texas Wine Tours van got us safely to and from :) Front door service, can't
beat that. Garrett and Chris had some good conversations throughout the day, and when we
were the last people on the van on the way back, we all held hands and Chris prayed
for Garrett and his future. It was a pretty special moment!
Our first winery was 4.0 -- we have been here before, but we had never
done the tasting. It was a good start to our tour. This was after attempting
to visit Alexander Vineyard, which ended up being nothing but a trailer house in
the middle of! So plan B, we started with 4.0!

Our second stop was Torre di Pietra -- we went here many years ago, so we were
excited to head back! The tasting here was fun too, led by a young skinny skater kid.
Kind of an odd mix! But he knew his stuff! After our tasting, we headed out to the patio
near the vines, and enjoyed a yummy boxed lunch that Garrett brought for us.
This winery had a cat (I'm not a cat person, so not sharing the photo) and her name was
Harriet Potter -- I thought that was pretty cute and clever!
After a stop at Fiesta to do a tasting, we then headed to Becker Vineyards. It's been
years since we've been here as well, so it was good to head back. The tasting was
good, and we were able to go down into the cellar and see the barrels, too.
The tasting at the Becker wine bar; that's our whole group on the right!
On the way out of Becker, we talked Garrett into stopping at the vines to get
some photos! He was even cool enough to get a photo taken with us :)
Down in the Becker cellar with the barrels
After Becker, we stopped at Pedernales and then Grape Creek...and then on our
way back in to town, I asked Garrett to get a photo of our whole group in the van!
Once back, we freshened up a bit and then headed to Tubby's for dinner.
This is a new little restaurant in town, and it was pretty delicious! We ordered
at the window and then ate at one of these little tables.
One thing I really wanted all week was a snow cone from this adorable place...and we finally
got one, after our dinner at Tubby's!! It was yummy! I got mango, yum yum!
Here's the neat thing...after spending all day with a van full of strangers,
we all decided to meet back up later that evening at Silver Creek bar -- they have live
music there and a fun atmosphere. We got there and were so pleased to see that
everyone was there!! Kind of crazy! It's so fun to connect with strangers
and have some fun together, making memories!

So, this was our last full day/night in Fredericksburg! Tomorrow's post will be about our last activities in town before we headed home...stay tuned!! Awesome pics to come!

** In real time, please say some prayers!! Chris is having his surgery tomorrow morning at 8:15 (Thursday). He's having his sports hernia repaired (basically the ab wall has gotten weak from the stress of running, and needs to be repaired). It will be an outpatient procedure, so he'll be coming home tomorrow afterwards. Please pray for the surgeon's skill and for Chris' speedy recovery!!

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