August 13, 2015

Anniversary Trip Post 5

  THURSDAY, 8/6/15  

Here we are, the post about our last day of our vacation! It was a great one too! We started with breakfast at the hotel, and then we packed up our stuff and checked out. Farewell, Best Western!! You were good to us!

From there, we decided that we wanted to check out a location about an hour away, that my grandma had informed us about. She had found an article in one of her magazines, about things to do around Fredericksburg. Hamilton Pool was listed in the article, and we had never heard of it. Upon doing some research, we learned that it is a natural body of water -- the photos were gorgeous! We couldn't wait to see it for ourselves! (Thanks, Granny, for the info, we never would have known about this!!!)

The drive was about an hour, and it took us out into the middle of nowhere. It was a pretty drive through winding hills. Then we saw the sign, and we had arrived!!! We paid our $15 to enter the park, and found a parking spot. Because of recent heavy rains, the water levels were too high and the bacteria levels too high for swimming. But we were excited to see it. We followed the .25 mile trail that took us to the pool, and we were honestly in awe when we came upon it. This beautiful natural wonder, right there in hot, dry Texas! So crazy! It was so gorgeous, and these photos don't really do it any justice...but take a look!

We crossed over this creek on the way to the trail...very pretty too!
This was our first glimpse of the pool -- look at that gorgeous green water!!!
There was even a waterfall falling into the pool! Such an incredible sight!
The pool was contained within a natural cove, covered with a rock overhang...we were
able to walk around the whole outer arc from one side to the other. Nature is really amazing!
A view of the upper rocks
I couldn't get over the color of this water!
The Babers in all the beauty! A nice teen girl offered to take our photo.
I was in love with this incredible wall of GREEN!!!! Lush!
Mossy green goodness, in soft reflected sunlight
This is a panoramic photo I took with my turned out pretty well
to give an idea of the vastness...we were in the dark under the rock cove,
so it was brighter out ahead...thus the white out in the middle. But you
get the idea! If you click on this to make it bigger, it should enlarge for you!
It was HOT HOT be sure! We were quite sweaty by the time we hiked back to the truck! It was very worth it though, we really enjoyed our time at this natural phenomenon!

We made the hour drive back to Fredericksburg, and decided to have a final lunch at -- yes -- The Brewery! :) One final hurrah ha! It was just as good the third time! Then, we got on the road to home. With a stop at Dairy Queen for Blizzards (yummmm), we finally made it home around 6:00 pm and were so happy to see our pups!!! Our vacation was absolutely wonderful. So relaxing, and so fun to try so many new things in our favorite town. Loved it all -- we are so blessed!!!

Thank you for reading along! I had fun reliving it all :)

** Update on Chris! His surgery went well today, and he is home now, recovering...I will be posting more about it, but thank you for your prayers!!

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