August 27, 2015

Pinterest Gift & Baby Donkey

There are a few things I want to share with you this evening!

First up! An idea I found on easy! This week, I made a gift for my sweet friend Nadene's is a "dry erase" frame where she can jot down prayers she wants to focus on each day. It was very easy to make, and I think she really liked it! In Photoshop, I created an 8x10 piece of art using a lime green polka dot pattern and a cute flag font for the title. At the bottom, I added a scripture and then printed it out. Trimmed it down, added it to a large frame, and adhered a dry erase marker to the center of the frame with black and white striped washi tape. Voila!!

Over the weekend, Chris and I went to visit my friend Roxanne, who's donkey Harley had a little baby recently. I was super excited to see the sweet little baby! The fun part is that Roxanne didn't even know that Harley was preggo! The baby was a surprise one morning!

This is Miss Priss! Last time I visited Roxanne, Miss Priss was small and very she's all grown up and she is very affectionate and curious! She was very happy to see us! Roxanne has changed her name to April -- but I still like Miss Priss :)

After awhile, mama Harley became curious too :) She was a precious mama, just a little protective of her baby...not obsessively...

This is Taylor Swift :) She was very, very skittish so I was never able to get close enough to pet her...maybe on the next visit! Since she is so skittish, Roxanne hasn't really been able to groom her so her fur is a matted, burr mess...she's still a cutie though!

When Roxanne fed them, Harley and Taylor Swift ate from the same bucket...and Taylor Swift gave her mom a hug! So sweet!

Roxanne recently got a goat as well and she named him Braaaaaaaaad :) Ha ha ha!! Look at his glorious comb over!

And the best shot of the day :) Miss Priss was very interested in my camera phone when I was trying to get a selfie of us together, and I love this shot of her nose!!!

I heart donkeys :)

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