August 26, 2015

Gus & Stuff

:: It's been a very long time since I've had the pleasure of seeing Gus Buttons! We drive by from time to time, but he is never down by the fence. His yard has grown up a lot and we were starting to worry that the owners had given him away :( I was prepared to be very sad. So, you can understand my excitement when I drove by the other day and he was there!!! He came running to see me, and he was so clean! His owners had obviously just groomed him. I wanted to snuggle, he looked so soft, ha! I spent a little time there with him, and was able to get this sweet pic of him...isn't he so cute?

:: This evening after work, I ran to Hobby Lobby! I love Hobby Lobby! I needed to get a few items for a birthday gift, and they also had their scrapbook albums on sale 50% off, and I needed to stock up. I had a big stack of layouts needing a home. I just scrapbook too fast, it's actually kind of a curse. I did 60 pages at the retreat, and that is one full album!! I did 30 this past crop, and that is half an album. I am going to need a full room just for my albums by the time this is all said and done :) Currently, I have 32 albums. Holy moly. So, I came home and put my layouts in their proper places and now I feel better!

:: I am loving my Friends...I am currently on Episode 18 of Season 1. It flows one to the next to the next. Best invention ever!!!

:: After watching SYTYCD last night, I guess I am still pulling for JaJa, Virgil, and Jim. JaJa and Virgil mostly, but Jim is quite amazing in his own style. Not so much in the other styles though. JaJa is very surprising -- she could take the whole thing! It's been an off season for me though...after my favorite went home during the Vegas portion, I haven't been able to get into it as much. Which disappoints me because this is my FAVORITE show.

:: Time to go scrapbook a little :) Kelley time!

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