August 25, 2015

Photo Booth & Update

Chris is currently in the process of transferring his work stuff from a PC to a Mac computer. The new company he is working for is mostly Mac based, and it is a bit of a new world for him. There is a learning curve for sure, ha! I think he is going to love it once he gets used to it.

There is a program on Mac called Photo Booth -- Chris discovered it, and we had to try it out...and oh the laughter! The laughter :) Maybe these will give you a good laugh too!

See now...don't you feel better!!

A few updates:

:: Chris is currently on his management conference at Joshua Creek Ranch -- according to him, it is gorgeous there! I can't wait to see some photos. He is healing well from his surgery...but at the conference he won't be participating in the workout sessions or the skeet shooting. He's a bit bummed, but I think it will still be a great few days for him.

:: I'm working my way through Friends and loving every minute of it! Yay Netflix! Tonight I am watching as many episodes as possible, and scrapbooking...and I am also catching up on last night's SYTYCD episode...nice evening for Kelley!

:: Mimi's hip is healing, but she is off work for another week...she needs to have another MRI, and they are waiting for insurance approval. They also switched her over to water therapy instead, and she really loved that today.

:: Looking forward to a good, quiet rest of the week at work! Time to get caught up on some stuff.

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