August 24, 2015


Today I have some exciting news to share :)

Well, it is exciting to the grand scheme of life, this is a small deal...but I really appreciate the small things!

Sunday morning, Chris announced to me that he signed us up for Netflix!!!

Netflix, for those of you who may not know, is a streaming service online that allows you to watch unlimited TV shows and movies for a flat fee per month.  And the first trial month is free!

We have been discussing the possibility of ending our monthly cable is expensive, and we really don't watch a lot of tv. You know that feeling of turning the tv on, flipping through the guide for 20 minutes, and then turning the tv off because there is nothing to watch? Yep. I rarely even turn the tv on anymore. I have a few select shows that I watch (like So You Think You Can Dance and The Voice), and beyond that, I watch Friends, Friends, Friends.

With Netflix, we can eventually get rid of our cable bill that is over $100/month and begin paying less that $10/month. With Netflix, we can pick whatever show we want to see, and watch it without commercials. With Netflix, we can watch entire seasons of a series that we wish we would have started watching back when it started, but didn't so now we are too far behind. With Netflix, we can watch movies without going to the RedBox machines around town.

Super excited!

All ten seasons of Friends was added to Netflix on January 1st, so I can now go and watch the entire life of Friends from #1 to #236, IN ORDER!!! I watch a lot of Friends on TBS, but there are whole seasons that they never show. I'm not sure why? I have entire gaps that I've been missing!! If you can't find me, you know where I'll be!

There are also a few other tv series that I am excited to begin:

: Gossip Girl
: Grey's Anatomy
: New Girl

What are some of your favorite shows?? I'm making a list and need to know, since I don't ever watch much TV!!! Chime in, give me your thoughts!

* This post was not sponsored by Netflix, ha ha!

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