August 23, 2015

Stitch Fix Review #7

 I was very excited to receive my 7th Stitch Fix delivery! The anticipation is my favorite part...wondering what I will see when I open up that box with the beautiful turquoise pattern!

For this Fix, my note to my stylist, Kallie, requested the following:

: A midi skirt in a bright color
: Bright, cheerful colors and patterns for shirts
: A white, sleeveless shirt for work that isn't transparent, and that could be tucked in
: Not opposed to shorts, trousers, or jewelry, but no denim

So, let's see what Kallie sent!

Bay to Baubles : Caroline Crystal Link Bracelet -- Teal Green -- $28.00
When I picked up the box to open it, I heard something rattling around I knew there must be jewelry inside! I was excited to see what Kallie chose for me. And I was thrilled when I opened it!! The color of this bracelet is gorgeous, and perfect for me! I'm loving this. It will go with a lot of my wardrobe, and it is a definite statement piece. It is a TAD big on me, but not big enough to fall off, so I will make it work! Thank you for this stunner! Verdict -- KEPT!

Collective Concepts : Amstoy Split Neck Blouse -- White -- Size S -- $58.00
 So, I realize now that I set Kallie up to fail on this one, and I apologize! I am super picky about white shirts  -- this one was too transparent for my office unfortunately. Especially when tucking in, I don't want to have to wear a tank underneath. This shirt made me look very boxy, because it was an unstructured fit. I also really can not wear sleeveless shirts that hit me right at the top of the arm. I prefer a little cut-in to show off more of the shoulder because that prevents the boxy look. The small ruffle detail across the shoulder was sweet, but overall the shirt was a big NO. Verdict -- RETURNED.

Level 99 : Lyssa Cargo short -- Coral -- Size 6 -- $88.00
The color and the fabric of these shorts was so nice! The style was okay, but not my favorite. Unfortunately, I just recently purchased a pair of shorts this same exact color, and these were also a bit too snug. And the price of $88.00 is way more than I will pay for a pair of shorts. Verdict -- RETURNED.

Le Lis : Mia Crochet Detail Top -- Coral -- Size S -- $48.00
I really liked this one, when I pulled it out of the box. I love the colors and the patterns a lot, and even the crochet shoulder detail added a cute touch (I am not necessarily a fan of crochet, but it is subtle on this shirt). When I tried it on, I was on the was cute, but felt a little too big on me and not necessarily flattering. I went back and forth on this, and finally decided that since I was on the fence, I must not love : RETURNED.

Papermoon : Keever Button Back Blouse -- Turquoise -- Size S -- $48.00
Out of the box, these colors weren't quite for me...they are a little too "Easter". The pattern, as well, didn't strike me. But, I still tried it on...the style wasn't too bad, but it was a bit too tight across the chest. The button down back and the flap were cute, though my hubby didn't like the flap. It was weird, but this shirt had a "handmade" feel to me that I just wasn't fond of. Verdict -- RETURNED.

Kallie did mention that she is still searching for the perfect midi skirt for stay tuned on that!

So, this Fix ended up being a 1/5, and I am happy with that! I love my new bracelet a lot and can't wait to wear it! I also look forward to what Kallie sends me on my next Fix!! Already anticipating that! :) (Yes, I may be addicted!!)

Thank you, Stitch Fix, for this fun service!

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