August 20, 2015

Bullets from Today


:: I was able to get pretty caught up at work and crossed a lot of things off my list...ahhh!

:: Was so nice and chilly when we woke up! 62 degrees to start the day. Now that is refreshing! Surely we aren't headed in to Fall already?

:: I took a lovely nap at lunch, which is one of my favorite things :)

:: We had a landscape company come to cut our grass, since Chris is out of commission for awhile.

:: Mr. Baber sneezed for the first time since his surgery...oh boy, that wasn't good. I felt so bad for him. Not only did he sneeze, but he sneezed five times in a row...then took a break, and sneezed about 7 times more!

:: I received my 7th Stitch Fix delivery! The anticipation is just so high before it comes, I get so excited! It is always a thrill to see the box sitting on the counter when I get home from work. :) Currently I am thinking it may be a 1/5 or 2/5...we shall see. I'll be posting on this Fix soon!

:: I realized A LOT of my clothing no longer, that is a really bad sign. Time to get serious.

:: I got a big hug at work from Kim -- always a treat!

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