August 19, 2015

Sweet Randomness

:: Hello there! I think it's time for a random post :)

:: Chris is doing really well after his surgery! It is going to be a slow recovery, but he is well on his way. His pain level isn't too bad anymore, thankfully. He is still limited in what he can do. He still can't lift over 10 pounds, so I am carrying his laptop bag in to the office everyday. I swear that thing weighs at least 30 pounds! He also still can't really lay down in the bed, because the effort to get in the bed and out of the bed stresses his abs. So, he is sleeping in the recliner which isn't too comfy :( I miss him in the bed too! He is taking one day at a time and doing what he can. I help him with the rest. His spirits have been cheerful and relaxed, overall -- I can tell he is starting to get a bit antsy though. He is dedicated to following the doctor's orders, because he really wants to get back to running like he needs to. So, he won't be overdoing it, but all the relaxation is going to test his nerves!

:: This coming Saturday morning I am going to meet Nadene for our mentoring time...I'm looking very forward to it! From there, I am going to pick Kim up and we are headed to Clyde for the monthly crop! Yay! I am looking forward to a day of fun and scrapbooking with the girls.

:: I'm not sure if I've mentioned it yet -- but Mimi has fractured her hip. She fell while she was at her boyfriend Eddie's house, and rolled a bit down a hill. Luckily there wasn't a break...just a fracture. But she is having some pain of course. She is currently off work, and is using a walker. She is having to do physical therapy three time a week for four weeks.

:: Today we had a lovely cool front come in! This evening it was breezy and 71 degrees...I had goosebumps! Very nice. I would love to have a few more

:: We rented a few movies over the weekend...we watched Focus with Will Smith -- it wasn't too bad. Then we watched Jupiter Ascending and holy moly that movie was awful! We couldn't even make it past 20 minutes. You win some, you lose some!

:: I had to stop reading, that book just wasn't for me. It was waaaaaaay too detailed. The concept of what the book was trying to accomplish was decent, but they went about it in the wrong way for me. I love to read...but it needs to be something that relaxes my mind. This book is totally not relaxing at all. Too much. Our book club is next Thursday, and I will still attend...and I'll have some feedback (I did read two of the six chapters)...but my heart is not in this one. My time is valuable, there are so many other things I'd rather read.

:: I've been making steps to get back on track with my eating goals...I've been 115% out of control for a few months now. The weight I have gained back makes me unhappy and I feel puffy and uncomfortable. Time to make some positive changes. The first week, I removed sugar. This week, I removed corn. So far, so good. I'll continue adding one thing each week, until I am ready to possibly start another Whole30.

:: I truly feel like I could go to sleep right now (it's only 9:00 pm)...whew, I'm getting old.

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