August 30, 2015

Productive Weekend

::Whew...this weekend flew by! But I'm glad, because I am exhausted!

:: Chris arrived home from his management retreat on Friday at 5:30 pm...he was definitely a tired boy! The management retreat is 3.5 days of solid interaction, learning, etc. He had a great few days, and was happy to be home! We headed to eat sushi at Tokyo and that was quite delicious! From there, we headed home to relax and watch a movie on Netflix. We decided on "The Cobbler" with Adam Sandler, where he is a shoe cobbler and can turn in to different people when he wears their shoes. It wasn't my favorite of his, but it was decent. Mr. Baber fell asleep with about 10 minutes remaining, so he missed the ending :)

:: Saturday, after breakfast, Chris did yard work and I worked on things in the house. Lots to do. My back was sore and my forearms/fingers were sore too, when I got done.

:: Saturday evening, we met up with Kim and Gary and went to the Roller Derby! That was a lot of fun! They have it at the Civic Center, and they put the circle rink down with yellow duct tape! It was real "professional" :) A girl that works with us is on the team, and so it was fun to watch her! Roller derby itself is pretty fun -- the girls are aggressive and it gets rough at times. Our coworker got ejected from the game!! Ha! The score ended up being 59 to 328!! Abilene lost. We found out, though, that our Abilene team only has 2 players on the team who have played before. It was the first game ever for the other girls. So that explained a lot!!! After the derby, we went to eat a late dinner at Cracker Barrel -- very nice evening with Kim and Gary!

:: Sunday, more yard work and more cleaning. My computer had an issue, but Chris was (thankfully!!!) able to get it fixed after trying a few different things!! That would have been very bad news, let me tell you! Currently, I am burning photos to cds, so that I don't lose them.

:: The week ahead -- I am hosting bunko at our house on Tuesday (I'm making stew!); Chris has his surgery follow-up appointment on Thursday, which is his 3 week mark -- he'll be able to start lifting and doing more normal things; Friday is another Game Nite at Kim and Gary's -- the last one was so much fun, we are all really looking forward to it!!!

:: I haven't watched Friends since Thursday -- gasp!!! Tonight we'll be watching Fear the Walking Dead...

:: I had a horrible allergy attack last night so I didn't sleep too well. Hoping for a good night of rest tonight!!!!

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