August 31, 2015

Why Monday?

:: Monday Monday, why did God create Mondays??? We may never know...

:: I had a pretty productive day, where I checked a good amount off my list. That is always a good thing.

:: We found someone to rebuild our stone mailbox! Finally. It is such a small job, most of the stone guys haven't been willing to take it on. A man named Domingo came to our door and offered his expertise, so we are going to give him a chance. He is coming over on Saturday, and then we hopefully won't be the white trash of the neighborhood any longer ha!

:: I'm watching SYTYCD currently...oh JaJa, I love her. Her alzheimer's dance this evening nearly brought me to tears (which is rare!). It was just truly beautiful to watch. Her solo was pretty awesome too! I also really liked Virgil's solo...and his military routine was outstanding! I've narrowed it down to these two...even though I think Jim is the most technically amazing, his personality doesn't compare...

:: Chris is getting antsy -- he is missing that endorphin high that running gives, and it's beginning to get to him...please say some prayers for him! As many as you can!

:: I'm still in the process of copying over my photos to cd...back up back up back up!

:: I had a good workout this was quick but intense...need more of those...I'm stuck and not happy with where I am and it's causing me day at a time...

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