September 01, 2015

Music & Memories

A song came on the radio the other day, and it instantly took me back to a specific memory...I'm sure this is probably the case for most everyone! Today I want to do a little documentary here, to capture some of these songs and throughout my life so far...

 :: I Love You a Bushel & a Peck -- Doris Day -- this song is one of the very first that I have a memory sweet Grandma Gene used to sing it to me when I was little. It's not one you hear very often, but when it randomly shows up, it always makes me smile.

:: Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue -- Crystal Gayle -- this, along with a few by Carol King and Fleetwood Mac, always remind me of cleaning the apartment with my Mom growing up -- we'd turn it up real loud and dance around while we did our cleaning. So fun! I tend to still enjoy listening to Fleetwood Mac while I clean!
:: I Think We're Alone Now -- Tiffany -- this song says middle school to me :) I can vividly remember sitting on my twin bed on Sheffield Street, listening to the weekly music countdown...waiting for this song to play so that I could see if it had reached #1!!! And when it did reach #1, my heart was so overjoyed! I was giddy!

:: Cheeseburger in Paradise -- Jimmy Buffett -- I took dance lessons (tap, ballet and jazz) for many years growing up, and this is honestly the only song I remember dancing to. I hated the song and the dance was so cheesy (no pun intended!)...all of my dance years wrapped up in this silly song.

:: I Go to Work -- Kool Moe Dee -- when I was a Freshman at Hazelwood East High School, this was a song we did a Spartanette dance to. I can still remember portions of it, after allllll these years :)

:: All Eyez on Me -- 2Pac -- when I moved to Grandview High School for the rest of my high school career, my best friend Jennifer and I were very much into 2Pac...we would drive the hour each way to South County Mall to shop, and we'd jam to this cd the whole way. I still love to listen now and then...2Pac was gone too soon...

:: Mr. Jones -- Counting Crows -- this song, and the entire album, represents college Freshman year to me. It was my favorite at the time, and I remember it playing in the dorm hallway while we moved in. To this day, I can remember every single word, and I go through spells where I am just in the mood to hear the album. I'll listen to the entire cd and just enjoy it thoroughly. 

:: Puddle of Grace -- Amy Jo Johnson -- during my college years, I got hooked on the show angst-ridden and love triangle! This song is on the soundtrack, and it was my very favorite! I was randomly talking about this show with a friend the other day, and I mentioned this song...and had to listen to it...STILL just as good!! 

:: Numb -- Linkin Park -- this song speaks to me of my early years dating Chris...Linkin Park was his favorite, and this was a song we listened to a lot.  

:: Forever and For Always -- Shania Twain -- this was my favorite love song back in the dating years...when I first knew that Chris was my soul mate and the one I wanted to spend forever with. Ahhh!

:: Drunk on You -- Luke Bryan -- that one time, when Chris and I went to the Luke Bryan concert?? And sat real close to the stage?? And this song came on and he asked me to dance in the aisle with him? Remarkably romantic!! A top 10 memory of all time!

:: Peace -- Oar -- this is a song that I turn to in times when I feel glum...when I get deep in self pity and feel stuck in always reminds me that we are only here for a short time and that we should embrace every single second. Love.

:: Kiss Me -- Ed Sheeran -- my current fave...another concert with my man and another top 10 memory...and this song is just IT.

This is just a sampling...there are so many others because music is made to touch the soul. For now, thirteen memories :) I'd love to hear some of yours! Leave a comment with one memory! :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Jude by The Beatles - Memories of roller skating and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Roller Skating at Aloha in North County to that song and when we took a break, we all wanted Reese's Peanut Butter Cups - think they had just come out! Good challenge & great memories. Gotta LOVE music! PTS

Anonymous said...

OMG - just read when Reese's Peanut Butter Cups came out - 1928. Obviously my memory is not totally correct. Maybe we did it because our parents would not let us have candy and this way we could :-)! PTS

Kelley said...

That's a great one Dronda! Even if your memory is slightly skewed ha ha!! Thanks for playing!

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