September 24, 2015

This Day

::Soooooo, I finished The Kite Runner last night. Hmmm. It was very well written. But. Wow, it was a downer. It started very, very was about Chapter 11 before the story line started to pick up. Once the story started, it was a good, but it covered a lot of depressing themes. The ending wasn't even "feel good" and that really bums me out. I didn't hate it but I probably don't recommend it.

:: I've started on my next book (a personal choice, not a book club choice)...Flash! It's about a donkey and I'm excited to read the story! I'm a few chapters in.

:: I was very pleased with my dinner tonight! Homemade chicken nuggets, steamed broccoli and cauliflower, and roasted purple potatoes. Mmmm! And enough for leftovers tomorrow. We have our monthly luncheon at work, and I need to take some food to cover in case there isn't much I can eat. Whole30 is going great! I believe today is Day 10. 

:: Our new sod is in on the sides of the house, and we are watering it like crazy. Grow grow! The concrete footer is ready, and the gate posts were set today. Next up is Domingo to come and build the stone wall, and then Jim will do the gate. Moving right along.

:: I am going to wear my new Stitch Fix shirt tomorrow! I will most likely pair it with the Stitch Fix jeans I got a few Fixes ago. Very cute! I scheduled my next Fix for late October and I requested all shirts/sweaters. Fall items. No pants or dresses, as I am hoping to lose some weight and get closer to my goal weight. I'm ready for cooler weather and sweaters!

:: I am looking very forward to the crop this weekend!! I am ready to scrap. And that begins a very busy week week, I've got book club, my hair appointment, an after work event, a movie night at our house, and a Saturday matinee with the book club girls. Whew!! It seems that everything always hits at once. Whole30 will be interesting next week!!

:: I'm going to spend a little time in my Bible, and then call it a day!

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