September 27, 2015

Weekend Recap

:: A good weekend here for the Babers!

:: Friday evening, we came home after work and Chris talked with the landscaper and went on a run. Then he and I went to dinner at Skeets...really, you can eat Whole30 almost anywhere. I had a plain hamburger patty with guacamole, tomatoes and pickles, along with a plain baked potato. It was quite yummy! Then my awesome husband took me to Kohl's :) That was fun! I bought a few cute things! This in gray (thought it would be fun to try) and this in the coral and a gray sweatshirt hoodie lined with furry fleece!!

:: Speaking of Whole30, things are going so well! Tomorrow will be day 15 -- halfway through! My girls are all doing so well, I am very proud of them! I am at the point where I get full pretty quickly. All this nutrition I'm body is happy happy!

:: Saturday...we got up and Chris help me set up for the crop. We moved all the furniture to the side and set up the big tables. The girls started to arrive around 10:00 and we had the best day!! There were five of us and it was fun and productive. Me, I accomplished another 30 pages...yippie! 30 has become my magic number :) Stay tuned tomorrow -- I will be doing a layout share!

:: After the crop, Chris and I headed to dinner at Red Robin. Whole 30 eats -- the Avo-Cobo salad with grilled chicken, minus the blue cheese crumbles and the dressing. I squeezed a lemon on it and it was yummy! Then we came home and watched "The Loft" on Netflix. That was a pretty good movie, intense. A good evening with my hubby!

:: Sunday, after a good church service, I took care of my weekly chores -- laundry, grocery shopping, etc. I wasn't able to go to the store right after church because I couldn't make the list because of the crop. So, I decided to go to a different store than normal -- and that was a true treat! So nice!! It is a very nice store, a lot bigger than my normal store. And it wasn't too crowded at all. Ahhhh!

:: Crazy week ahead -- I'll try to post each day, but we'll play it by ear! Have a great week!!

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