September 20, 2015

Weekend Recap

:: I hope that you all had great weekends!

:: Friday evening, we stayed in instead of our typical eating out...Chris and Neeley worked on the concrete footer for the stone wall. They wanted to get it done because it was supposed to rain on Saturday. I did some reading in The Kite Runner and watched some Friends! I had a shopper come by to look through my decluttered stash, and made $25 from that! Yay! It was a relaxing evening...

:: Saturday morning, Chris left early to ride his bike while his friend Steven ran a long run...they both had fun with that! Meanwhile, I slept in just a bit and made a nice breakfast and read...then, when Chris got home we left to do some errands and spend the day together. It was so nice! We first stopped to put in our order for the stone wall materials...then we went to Miguels for lunch. I stuck with Whole30 there and had a delicious spinach salad with grilled fruits and shrimp. Then we went to the Natural Food Store, Target, Academy, and Sam's. We ended up getting a bigger TV for my scrapbook room! The one I had in there was a small 19", and we upgraded to a 32" -- big difference! It is also a Smart TV, which means that we can connect to Wifi from it -- sooooo Netflix! I was then able to sell the small TV, so more cash in my pocket!

:: Saturday evening, we headed back out and had dinner at Chiles -- stayed on Whole30 there as well, with a small sirloin, plain broccoli, and grilled tomatoes and avocado. Yum! Best of all, we had a gift card :) We finished off the evening by watching (finally) "Frozen"...after all the hoopla about it, I thought it was a bit meh. Just an average Disney movie. There was a few funny parts, and some good themes, but overall I could have done without it.

:: Sunday, chores -- grocery shopping, cleaning, laundry. Now Chris and I are watching Stand By Me and getting our stuff ready for the upcoming week. And now...the rain hit.

:: Up ahead: my bestie's birthday, our monthly luncheon at work on Friday, and the crop on Saturday (at our house, but I am not hosting)! Should be a good week! Week 2 of Whole30 begins and I am looking forward to more energy, no headache, and no more detoxing. Yay!

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