October 28, 2015


:: This evening, Nadene and I were finally able to get together! Our schedules didn't match up last week, so we had a lot of catching up to do! I love that girl! God did good when he nudged me toward her. She is a true gem and a blessing! We are going to start with Psalms next, now that we are done with Proverbs...

:: Chris has another business dinner this evening, this time at Perini Steakhouse. They are eating and drinking well tonight, to be sure!!

:: Tomorrow evening is book club and I am very excited! It will be my treat meal of the week, because we are having breakfast and homemade ice cream!! We'll be talking about Sundays at Tiffanys...

:: Today, I picked up my teeth guard from the dentist...that is interesting! It fits very snuggly to my top row of teeth. We'll see how it goes tonight! They also gave me the teeth molds in case I ever need another one made. It is so weird to see my teeth outside of my mouth ha ha!

:: They finished digging the pool hole today!!! So, we shall see what's next! I have no idea ;)

:: We had our new gate delivered and installed! It looks fantastic in our new stone wall. Take a look! Jim did a great job on it, it's beautiful! He also reinstalled our front gates with their new powder coating -- they look great too! Now he is going to work on our back patio gates. Things are moving along...

:: Time to go -- I need to go cook my contribution for book club's menu tomorrow!!!!

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