October 27, 2015

Done with Today

:: This day is over and I am pretty glad...it wasn't a doozy, but it wasn't my favorite either...

:: Chris had a business dinner this evening, so I was on my own for dinner...I made a sweet potato and some sausage and it was delish!! I also whipped up a scone -- we shall see how that turned out! My last baking adventure didn't turn out well at all and I had to throw it away :( I made some lemon poppy seed bread...I have made it before in muffin form, and need to stick with that. I couldn't get the full loaf to cook all the way through. Oh and I also didn't have poppy seeds :) So it was really just a lemon loaf that was too moist and ick. I have hopes for the scone!!!

:: I shipped off the two Stitch Fix items I sold...so done deal! That was fun!

:: Watching Friends (surprised???) -- Season 7 episode 15 -- The One with Joey's New Brain :)

:: They started digging the pool today! Now that's a big hole! It will be fun to watch this process. They should finish the digging tomorrow...

:: Edited to add -- the scone turned out fantastic! Making that recipe again for sure!! A nice, healthy, gluten-free snack!

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