October 26, 2015

Just Another Manic Monday

:: My eating is going well! I am happy to still feel like I'm in control. I've brought back a few things, like 70% dark chocolate, honey, almond milk, Mary's no-gluten crackers. That's about it so far. I enjoyed a few things this weekend too -- for my weekly treat, I had chips and queso at Abuelos...yum!!! For my weekly drink, I had cotton candy vodka and tonic! So tasty!! So far, this plan of one treat and one drink is working well. I'm going with it!

:: Work was busy today...and on top of it, I finally received half of the new application files for 2016. I have to order new stock for all states, ready to be used January 1. It is going to be a big undertaking, and I've been nervous that I hadn't received the files yet. So, we are halfway on our way.

:: The pool guy came out today and marked out our official pool outline! They are coming out tomorrow to begin digging. Craziness. Stay tuned for photos of the progress!

:: This evening, I made some delicious chili for dinner! This Fall weather had me in the mood! I also tried making some butternut squash in the crockpot...that worked well (you just put it in there on high for 5 hours)! However, I mashed it up and spiced it up, and I wasn't fond of it. Too mushy. So, I might try roasting it instead, to keep it a little more firm. Not a fan of mush.

:: I've gotten payment on the two Stitch Fix items I sold...so tomorrow, I ship them both off to their new homes! Kind of fun! It forced me to get my PayPal account set up...and it was a very easy process.

:: Got a good 30 minute workout in after work...I'm down a total of 8.5 now...slow but sure...

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