October 12, 2015


:: Monday was not too bad...would have been better if Columbus Day was one of the holidays our company celebrates...but alas. No.

:: Whole30 is winding down! Today is Day 29...so tomorrow is our last day! I'm proud of the girls who have taken part in our group...and am excited to see where they go from here. I've got my plan in place for my next steps -- now the real work starts for me. The maintaining. NOT my strength. Discipline and Whole30 is my strength!!! I'm interested to weigh tomorrow morning...we shall see, we shall see...I'll do a wrap up (on Wednesday) about this, my 5th Whole30 -- I see a lot of improvements that have nothing to do with weight!

:: Tuesday evening, I am going to the movies with the girls! Should be fun. We are going to see The Intern, which I hear is cute. Looking forward to it!

:: Oh Cards!! C'mon, we are rooting for you!!!!!!!!!!!! Back to the Future II could NOT have been accurate. Let's go!! :)

:: I should be adhering 139 My Sister's House selling labels to all the items I'm trying to sell...oh, but not tonight. Tonight I want to relax.

:: Well, today we did an experiment...we had a cleaning company come over and do a monthly cleaning for us. As busy as we are, and as much fun as we like to have on the weekends, it is difficult for me to find time to do a lot of cleaning. So we thought we would give this a try. Hmmm. Unfortunately, we are both big perfectionists and like things done a certain way. A lot of things were missed completely, and a lot of what was done was not up to snuff. Which is a big fat bummer, because I was really excited about this!!!! :( Boo. Not to mention I had to lock our dogs up all afternoon in their crates, in a closed room...they were NOT thrilled with us this evening! I am sure they barked the entire time they were here working. So...now to draft an email to the company, telling them we won't be using their services again. How to even go about that????

:: I finished our October book club book -- Sundays at Tiffany's. It is a James Patterson novel, and it was such a superficial story. Very surface level, very one dimensional. It was cute and all, but it was definitely fluff. I am excited about the actual book club meeting though -- we are having breakfast foods, with homemade ice cream to finish off! It should be the most delicious one yet! (And will be my treat meal for the entire month, whew!!!)

:: Now I am reading a selection of my own...it is a novel called Eve and it is written by the author of The Shack. If you have not read The Shack, I recommend it as a way to stretch your mind a bit outside its box. It is an interesting story!! I am excited for this one too. He is a good writer.

:: Alrighty -- The End for Monday!

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