October 14, 2015

Whole30 Recap (#5)

Hello all! I wanted to do a rundown about my fifth Whole30 -- here we go!!

Day 30 was yesterday (Tuesday)...it was a really fantastic 30 days, I must say!

:: I thoroughly enjoyed the support and encouragement of the Facebook group I set up for this challenge! There were 11 of us who took if very seriously, and I am so proud of the girls! It was so much more fun doing it with a group than solo! Now, can I say everyone did it 100%?? No. I can say that I did it 100% -- I am only accountable for my own actions. The girls made it work for them, and they are pleased with the experience. Success!

:: Throughout our 11 girls, we lost over 70 total!! Goodbye fat!!!

:: This fifth Whole30 was my easiest yet...they get easier and easier, because I learn more with each one and I know what to spend time on and what not to.

:: I lost 7.5 pounds and am very happy with that! I didn't think I had lost more than 5, so yay! I have 6.5 more to go to reach my goal weight.

:: I am sleeping REALLY GOOD.

:: My allergies, overall, have been REALLY GOOD. I still have spells but the improvement is very noticeable and that alone is so worth it! Quality of life improvement.

:: My fingernails, which are usually very brittle, short, and peeling are currently strong, long and looking great! I never have nails. I love it!

:: I had my post-Whole30 treat today -- popcorn!! It was very tasty and I thoroughly enjoyed every bite! I will say, though, that it made me feel a bit pouchy all afternoon. Haven't felt that in awhile, and not really a fan :) I won't be bringing much popcorn back, even though I love it. And now, back to the plan.

:: A few things I will bring back into my normal diet -- honey, quinoa, brown rice, almond milk, dark chocolate 70%+, black beans, and sushi. I will reintroduce these things slowly and see how they make me feel. If all good, they'll be normal foods. Tonight I started with black beans.

:: I plan to enjoy one treat each week. Whatever I want, whenever I want it. Then back to the plan.

:: I thrive with rules and goals but it is the maintaining where I flounder...so, the easy work is done for me. Now the real work begins -- continuing on to lose 6.5 pounds, and then to MAINTAIN.

:: Here's a fun fact! The entire month of Whole30, my mom was secretly doing a version of it herself!! She was very excited to tell me that she lost 11 pounds!!!! AND that she had lost more weight than me!! Ha! Gotta love it. So glad that she was inspired to make some changes and get healthier in the process!! So with her weight loss added in to our total, we've got over 80 pounds of fat gone!!

::  Whole30, I really, really love you! Thank you for restoring me to my self-control. Thank you for improving different areas of my life and body. Thank you for helping me learn things about myself each time.

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