October 15, 2015

Short and Sweet

:: Please say a prayer for Mimi and her family...her sister Pat passed away on Wednesday evening. She suffered so much at the end, but its so sad to lose her. She and Mimi were very close, and this will be tough for awhile. The visitation will be Sunday and the funeral on Monday.

:: This evening -- worked out, dropped Chris off to run home, stopped at Walgreens, made and ate dinner. Now Friends, blogging, and then I am going to read.

:: This weekend -- Drag Races! We are looking forward to it, it was so much fun last year! Hopefully the weather will be a bit cooler this year...last year was soooo hot! Vroom vroom!!

:: So, the black beans -- ate them last night for dinner and had the leftovers today for lunch. And oh my goodness, my stomach felt awful. I felt like a balloon about to pop. Pretty sure the black beans will NOT be making a comeback to my normal diet. I don't love them and they aren't worth it. We'll see what comes up this weekend as we travel to see what my treat will be for this week!

:: That's all I've got!

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