October 18, 2015

2016 NHRA Fall Nationals

What a fun weekend I had with Mr. Baber :)

:: Friday, after work, we got on the road to Dallas! We stopped at a little Mexican restaurant for dinner and arrived at our La Quinta around 10:30. We got settled in and went to bed because we had an early morning the next day!

:: We woke up at 6:30, got ready, and grabbed a quick free breakfast in the lobby. Then we drove from Hutchins to Ennis to the Texas Motorplex for the 2016 NHRA Fall Nationals Drag Races!! We had a parking pass to the Red Key area, which was so convenient and right next to the entrance. Woo hoo! We walked around the trucks where everyone was getting their cars ready...we sat in the stands and watched the races...we ate...we had the best day together!!! Here are the highlights!

:: While we were walking around at first, as the set up was still going on and things were just getting started...we wandered over to a row of very nice tour buses. It was quiet and we were contemplating if that was where the car drivers stayed for the weekend. Chris noticed a huge black truck and thought it was Jesse Jame's. You can read about Jesse James here if you don't know who he is! The short story is that he used to be married to Sandra Bullock and now is married to Alexis Dejoria, who drives the funny car for Patron. Chris noticed him walking in the distance, coming toward us. He was walking two of his dogs. We follow Jesse on Instagram, and he has about 5-6 Frenchie Bulldogs who are sooo cute! He just got another little one, named Myrtle! She is so adorable and is black and white spotted. Precious!! As we walked past him, Chris casually said, "Hi Jesse" and I told him how cute his dogs were and bent to pet them! :) He was a nice guy and talked to us briefly. I asked him where Myrtle was, and he said that she is still too young to come to the race track -- the noises are much too loud! Then we went on our way, and we were so excited about our encounter!!

:: Chris was able to get a few autographs throughout the day too! He got Erica Enders-Stevens', Courtney Force's and Kebin Kinsley's too!

:: We ate good food -- Chris ate a delicious quesadilla and had a few Dox Equis...I had a hamburger (no bun) and some french fries, along with a strong unsweet iced tea. Then we each had a sno cone for a treat...coconut and pina colada!

:: We were walking to the AAA interview with the Force Racing Team (John Force, and his two daughters Brittany and Courtney) -- and -- wait for it -- we were almost run over by John Force driving a moped on his way to the interview! Beep beep!

:: It was such a fun day! It ended up being a little hotter than we expected (a bit sunburned, anyone??) but we relaxed and enjoyed the day together.

:: From the races, we headed back to the hotel to get cleaned up. Then we drove to Deep Ellum to have dinner at Angry Dog. It was a fun pub with an energetic atmosphere and we enjoyed our dinner there. Had another treat -- fried pickles!!!! Nom nom!!

:: Sunday, we slept in a bit (after being awakened by the fire alarm) and watched a movie in bed. Sooo nice to relax and snuggle! Then we had breakfast, packed up and headed home. We got home around 1:30, Chris went on a 13 mile run, and then he got on the road again headed to Amarillo. His Aunt Pat's funeral is tomorrow morning...please say a prayer for the entire family.

:: Tomorrow -- I have the day off! I'll be catching up on laundry and doing the grocery shopping...and a bit of relaxing too!

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