November 19, 2015

Almost Vacation!!

:: Today was super productive and now one more day of work before vacation!!!!!

:: I made a delicious new recipe for dinner tonight!! Shaved Brussels Sprouts with Bacon and Almonds...oh nom nom nom!! Discovered it in the All Recipes magazine that my sweet grandma sent to me. Lots of goodies in there! I made a few changes, but basically the same...

:: I am nearing the end of Season 9 of Friends! That means only one more season left. That makes me kind of sad!! What will be next?? I'm thinking Grey's Anatomy! From the beginning...

 :: This may be the last blog for a bit...or maybe not. We shall see! I'll have my laptop, but not making any promises!!!!

:: Well...the packing isn't going to get done on its own :) Lots to do!

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