November 18, 2015

Oh Wednesday

::  This evening, Chris is working up at the office...FDLIC is getting a huge addition on the back of our building and they asked a few people to help run the electrical wires. Should be interesting!

:: For me that means leftovers, more Friends, and some reading.

:: Work was a bit overwhelming for me's the week before I take vacation, which is always crazy -- and on top of that, things are pretty hectic right now. Just trying to check things off my list and make it to Friday at 5:00!! I finally had to close my door, put my headphones in, and listen to some music.

:: Pool progress -- today they poured the patio around the pool and for the stairs leading up to the pool. Photos to come but probably not until later!

:: Beyond that, I am fried and have nothing more to share!

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Rest! PTS

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