November 16, 2015


Today I want to share Chris' Bombfell experience -- it's the male version of Stitch Fix!

It's very similar -- he signed up and filled out a profile about his likes and dislikes and his sizing, etc. They assigned a stylist to him -- his was Seth. One of the main differences is that before the shipment was sent out, he received an email showing the five pieces that were on tap to mail. He was able to decline anything he didn't think he would like. Once that process was finalized, it shipped and we waited for it to arrive!

On delivery day, we were excited to dive into the box!

He received two polo shirts, a long sleeve shirt, a pair of pants, and a pair of jeans. His stylist really did a great job picking out the items for him! This first shirt is soooo soft, and a very nice shade of blue. And it fit him perfectly! Verdict: Kept!

This pair of jeans is perfect on him! The fit is right on, even the length! Which is typically difficult for him. He is so slim and so tall, pants are not easy to find. Score! They are a great dark wash as well. Verdict: Kept!

This polo is a pretty putty gray color (Chris' favorite color is gray so this was pretty much a no brainer), and again the fit was perfect! Verdict: Kept!

These pants -- the color was a bit weird. They reminded me of those heavy duty work pants. They fit okay, but they had more of a hipster feel. Hipsters we are not :) Verdict: Returned!

This plaid shirt is very nice! The weight is heavy but hangs well. The pattern is pretty blues and burgundys and the fit is slim fitting. We both really liked this piece! Verdict: Kept!

The first Bombfell was a success! It was a 4/5 and he'll be doing it again for sure! Their shipments are once a stay tuned for the next one!! :) This is a great service for him because he really doesn't like to what's better than home delivery!!?

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