November 15, 2015

Weekend Recap

:: The weekend is drawing to a I sit here, it is pouring rain outside. My nose always knows. I have been an absolute mess the past two the rain comes and I can finally breathe. Messes with me every time.

We had a very full and fun weekend! Here's how we spent it!

:: Friday, after work, we went to Jon and Nadene's for a quick dinner...she made a meatloaf and had some healthy foods for me (she is such a good friend to me!) We shared a bottle of wine and did some catching up. Then we all headed to Beltway (our church) for the Casting Crowns concert!! The Smiths treated us to the concert, and it was such a fun evening!! Casting Crowns is a Christian band, and they have a pretty cool story...they are youth pastors four days of the week, sing worship at their church on Sundays, and go on tour the rest of the week! They have some great songs. Their opening act was Lauren Daigel -- she had a great voice! I need to check out more of her songs! We love our time with The Smiths!!!

:: Saturday morning, Chris ran 22 miles with Steven...and I hosted the November crop at our house! We had a full group, which was nice!! It was a fun day, and I was able to get everything prepped for my Aruba trip album. Now to just lay it out online!! Our Poppy was soooo good all day long! She didn't bark or nip or attack was so nice!! Proud of her.

:: After the crop, Chris and I had dinner at Lucy's, a small burger joint in town. It was yummy! Then we spent the evening with Shaylee and her husband Austin. They invited us to their beautiful home for drinks and we had a relaxing, fun time with them! It was great to meet their two adorable dogs -- Gizmo and Fritz. Loved them!!! Shaylee is on my graphic design team at work, and she and I are very similar in personality. Oddly enough, our husbands are also very, very similar in personality!! So it is fun to get together as a foursome.

:: Sunday was chores and a quick stop to Christmas in November to see Kim's booth and purchase a few of her gorgeous goodies! I'm making a quick frito pie for dinner (for them) and then it's time for The Walking Dead!! Then...ONE MORE WEEK OF WORK AND THEN IT'S TIME FOR OUR VACATION!! So ready.

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