November 01, 2015

Our Weekend

:: Hope that everyone had a great Halloween! Stay tuned -- I'll be posting tomorrow about our Halloween costume contest at work :) (I forgot the photos on my work computer, whoops!)

:: Our weekend was nice...Friday after work, we went for sushi! It was my first sushi since my Whole30 and I enjoyed every single bite! Sushi is something I've decided to bring back to my normal diet, because I love it so :) Afterwards, we went home to relax because it was a very busy, long week for us both.

:: Saturday morning, Chris ran 20 miles with a new running buddy named went well for them both! I picked up some doughnuts for him to refuel, and then we spent some time cleaning the house together. That evening, we had dinner at Nikko's (yum, gyros!) and then came home to watch multiple episodes of the second season of The 100 -- just came out on Netflix! We truly enjoyed it!!

:: Sunday morning, we went to church and enjoyed the service on the topic of communion...such a good message! Then I headed to do some errands...did the grocery shopping at two different places, and stopped at Target for our next book club book and some plum colored tights :) Afterwards, I finished the cleaning in the kitchen and did a little more decluttering...we're going to wrap up the day with an hour and a half episode of The Walking Dead after dinner :)

:: The week ahead is looking good...I've got bunko on Tuesday (at our house, hosted by Kim K.) and we are taking our annual photos on Sunday! We need to figure out what to wear and where to go for the shoot. Looking forward to it! Sunday is also the drop off day for the big sale...ready to get all of this stuff out of my scrapbook room!

:: Off to enjoy the rest of my Sunday!!

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