November 02, 2015

Halloween 2015

Halloween 2015! Our Marketing Department always has a fun time with the group costume contest and this year was no exception!! :)

We decided to come as Hunters and their Animal Trophies! It allowed us to each pick the animal we wanted to be, and to create a costume as elaborate as we wanted. We also put our awesome printer to use to make the wooden mounts so they were all the same. Aren't we the cutest!

Jeff and Michael were our mighty hunters...and then, left to right, top row then bottom row -- giraffe, raccoon, elephant, donkey, lion, jackalope, deer, unicorn, and rabbit. 

We unfortunately did not win the group category :( The Accounting Department won with their Wizard of Oz theme. We were bummed...but we know how cute we were! Don't you agree?????

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Megan said...

Yall should have won!! How creative!

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