November 03, 2015

Hello There

:: First things first!! A very happy birthday wish goes out to my sweet grandma Flo!! She is such a beautiful, kind, giving soul...I can't wait to see her in a few weeks!!! Happy birthday grandma...I love you!

:: Tonight, we are having bunko! It's at our house, hosted by Kim K. It looks like we are going to have a small group, but it should still be fun fun! I may crack open a little wine!

:: Mid afternoon, I started feeling a bit icky...headache and general ick. Hopefully it passes swiftly.

:: Today was filled with much tedious work...lots going on. I am in charge of the contracts for all states, and all applications are changing for 2016. Big project. I tackled quite a bit of it today, but am definitely feeling fried.

:: I'm dropping Chris off on our way home, so he can run the last 6 miles to the house! Crazy man of mine.

:: We finally closed on our pool loan today. Geesh, that was a long, drawn out process. And it STILL isn't even complete. We have to wait three days and go back Monday to pick up the check. Seriously??? Lucky for us, the pool guy has been patient, and has moved forward without payment. Trusting guy! There was no progress today. I think it's still a little too wet from our last rain.

:: Speaking of rain -- yes, I think we have more on the way because I was sooooo snotty during the night. I slept very poorly. Hopefully tonight will be better.

:: Still haven't decided what to do for our annual photos this weekend!!! Any ideas?? It's always difficult to decide what to wear, and how to pose and where to take them!!! I'm excited is my favorite tradition of the year!

:: Maybe I can talk Mr. Baber into more episodes of The 100 tonight after book club!!!

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