November 04, 2015

I Hate Headaches

:: Today was day three of my headache...blah. Aspirin and peppermint oil and China Gel have kept it at bay, but man, I am ready for it to go away completely. I can't concentrate.

:: I skipped my afternoon snack today, and ended up having no energy for my workout. Boo. Won't do that from now on!

:: I set the DVR to record the CMA award show, and dang it, something else took precedence. I'm not sure what. So, just started watching -- missed an hour and 20 minutes of it. Oh well. I am anxious to see who wins Male and Female artist of the year...after Blake and Miranda winning it for so many years now, I have a feeling their personal issues (divorce) are going to have an effect on it this year. They are no longer the Country "It" Couple.

:: Staying on the music topic, I am loving Adele's new song called Hello! I am hit or miss with her songs, but I am happy with her comeback song! It is great to turn up really loud in the car and sing long as no one can hear me!!

:: We received great news today! Thursday and Friday will be Casual Days, and oh I love those!

:: Am I the only one excited that there is a Peanuts movie coming out??? :) It looks so cute! Peanuts are so classic. Need to find someone who wants to see it with me, as I am quite positive I won't talk Mr. Baber into it!

:: This headache needs some time to unwind...please say a little prayer that it is GONE WHEN I WAKE UP IN THE MORNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Watching CMA now! Adele's song is great - like her other things too. Peanuts - not for me! Wishing you headache relief finally. Woke up with one this morning but gone before work - that never happens so wishing you the same! PTS

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