November 05, 2015

Pool Progress

So -- it's time for an update on the pool!

First off, a photo of our backyard -- pre-pool. It was a huge, wide open space! Chris is finally getting his wish of filling it all up with a pretty pool!

First, they came in and dug out the shape of the pool. This process took two days, and gave us a good idea of the size and shape of the pool. Chris made a tweak to the left side, and then we were good to go!

The above photo is a shot of the deep end of the pool -- 6'

After that, they came out and put up the concrete form and braced it with 2x4s

And, the current stage -- putting in the plumbing! We've had some rain, so they first had to drain the water from the pool and now are at a bit of a standstill while it dries out.

We have never witnessed the pool process, so each step is brand new to us! We are excited to see it all come together! I'll be sure to post updates every so often!

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