November 30, 2015

St. Louis Post #1

Today, I thought I would start with some random St. Louis shots -- things that don't necessarily fit into our calendar of events :)

We had such a great visit! We love spending the week at Mom and Randy's beautiful home...they are always so willing to open it up to us. And their sweet pup Roxy always helps us miss our own two pups a little less.

Me and Chris and my Mom
Like mother like daughter :) Love her so much!
Ms. Roxy, on the lookout for Chris to return from his run...
Oooh, don't tell her mom! Ms. Roxy always enjoys a little special time on the bed!
(She normally isn't allowed on the furniture!!)

I tried to stay fairly healthy while in St. Louis...overall I suppose I could have done worse.
I thankfully didn't gain any weight! But this very favorite pizza in the world!!!
I ate half a pizza! All that gluten and cheese and I loved every single bite!!! Faraci's is delicious!
Besides the pizza, this was other extravagant treat!!! Oberweis Ice Cream!!!
I got a scoop of cookie dough and a scoop of expresso caramel chip -- and then Chris
decided he was getting a waffle cup so I had to as well!! Chocolate dipped of course.
Oh my oh my, heaven in a bowl. In hindsight, I should have done a plain waffle...
the chocolate was a bit too much :)
More to come!! :) Stay tuned!

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