December 01, 2015

St. Louis Post #2

On Sunday (22), we enjoyed a nice, relaxing morning with Mom and Roxy...Randy was off enjoying some deer hunting! Then, we got ready and headed to O'Fallon for our visit with the Repps!!

We met them at Madison's for a yummy dinner -- thank you Clarence!! We had an interesting waiter who made a few mishaps :) Then, we went back to their house for some great conversation and laughter! We love the Repps, they are such huge blessings to us! They have been a part of my life since I was born, and that is very special to me. I love our annual visits, and love getting to spend time with them all!! And I absolutely love that they are good sports and take lots of photos with us!!!

Clarence, Dronda, Fonda, Us
Mom and me
Me, Dronda, Fonda, Mom
Clarence, Fonda, Us
Greg, Maisie, Angie, Us
Me and my PTS Dronda
The boys -- Clarence, Greg, Chris
The girls -- me, Angie, Mom, Maisie, Fonda, Dronda
Me and my buddy Clarence (I love his glasses!)
I love love love this one -- Fonda posed for a pic with Chris, and only
came up to his he had to stoop down for her :)

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