December 27, 2015

Baber Christmas

Merry Christmas! We had a good one here! I hope you all did too!

Merry Christmas Eve! We attended the candlelight service at Beltway and then
went home to eat snacks and open gifts! It was a very nice evening...
Chris handing out Christmas treats to the pups! They also got a few toys,
and Poppy got a soft new blanket for her crate!
Mimi loved her framed photo of her sister Pat...
Mr. Baber surprised me with tickets to see Jennifer Nettles (formerly of Sugarland)!!!
Which is even more special because he GREATLY DISLIKES Jennifer Nettles :)
He must really love me! The concert is in Oklahoma at the end of April...
In front of our big Christmas present!
My beautiful new cookware from Mimi! Pioneer Woman's stuff
is awesome! Love this turquoise color!
Chris and Maggie (his favorite character from the Walking Dead)
I gave Chris a session of 5 cryo treatments! This is a cold treatment for athletes
to help with recovery...we shall see how they go!! He's been wanting to try it out.
Mimi and I made a delicious Christmas Day dinner and we ate way too much food...and then we had a relaxing day together. It was a good day! It was very the 70s!! Crazy weather.

Even crazier because now, two days later, we are in the 30s and it is snowing and sleeting. What a shock to the system!!! We are supposed to have a few more days of this. I am praying that it doesn't get too icy on the roads, that is not fun here.

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