December 28, 2015

2015 Goal Review

As each year comes to a close, I find it is always good to look back and touch base on the goals that I set for myself for the year. It's a great way for me to remain accountable to myself, and to reflect on the year. Let's take a look!

For 2015, I focused on three areas -- Mind, Body, and Soul.

: Read two leadership books
: Further education on food {It Starts with Food, Wheat Belly (William Davis), Eat Your Way Lean (Lauren Gleisberg), Paleo (Loren Cordain) etc.}

: January Week 1 - no sugar, increase water
: January Week 2 - plus no dairy, increase water
: January Week 3 - plus no grain, increase water
: January Week 4 - plus no legumes, rice, corn, increase water
: February - Whole30
: Remainder of Year - Paleo

: Pray more consistently with Chris
: Grow through a spiritual mentor (possibly Nadene)

For Mind -- I chose to not read the two leadership books. We started our book club, and that included one book a month. Beyond that, I decided I would rather fit in other books instead, and I didn't feel a strong passion to focus on leadership this year after all. So that goal did not come to fruition. However, I did do quite a bit of nutrition reading (the books listed above and more) and I feel like I have a lot more knowledge in that area. This will be an area of continued learning for me. So this was half a success, and I am good with that!

For Body -- I feel like I had a pretty good year in this area! I stuck to the January and February plans perfectly. I continued eating well, and then fell off a bit. I know this about myself -- I am an all or nothing kind of girl. When I'm in, I'm 100% in!! But if I'm not...whew watch out! I did do a second Whole30 later in the year (my 5th), with a group of ladies and that helped me to kick start my healthy eating again. I am currently only 2 pounds away from my goal weight. And I'm happy with that. We'll be focusing on healthy eating in the new year at work, and I am confident that I will continue making this a priority in my life. I feel so much better when I make my health a priority.

For Soul -- Chris and I prayed together a lot more this year, and that makes me happy! We aren't consistent, but it is more than it was. So I consider that a success, and I hope to continue it into the future. I love praying together because I feel that it strengthens our bond with each other and with us and God...that is always good! As for finding a spiritual mentor, I am so excited that Nadene agreed to walk this path with me and that we have made some great progress together this year! I love the time we spend together, she is a huge blessing to me. Her faith inspires me and her friendship touches me in deep ways. We plan to continue our meetings in the new year, and I am looking so forward to what God chooses to do with our time together.

I had a good 2015...I'm pleased with the growth I have seen!! Stay tuned...I'll be discussing my 2016 goals soon!

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