December 29, 2015

2015 is Winding Down

:: We are ticking away the days until this year comes to an's always a little weird, isn't it? Wrapping up things and moving onto a fresh, blank canvas?? Just a few days left.

:: Work has been good this week...fairly quiet in terms of emails and phone calls, thankfully! I had to do some conversion on our system, by removing old applications and adding the new ones. That was a bit tedious but I got it completed. We also discovered a few issues, but those have now been handled and we are golden (I think)!

:: I had lunch today with my bestie at Mr. Burger for Christmas! It was so nice getting to spend the lunch hour with her, chatting. She always gives the sweetest thoughtful and perfect for me!

:: I have discovered (I think) that Bath andBody is discontinuing my very favorite candle scent :( The store didn't have any big 3 wick candles, and I went to buy them online and they were not even listed. Boo boo boo!!!! Farewell Marshmallow Fireside!! Kim found three small ones for me, so I will have to savor those! Ration out my burning!!! Will need to find a new favorite I suppose...

:: I've been enjoying lots of naughty foods these last two weeks of the holidays...I am sugared out, let me tell you. We are going to be doing The Daniel Plan in January as a company and I am so ready. Need to start ramping up for that.

:: I finished our book for January's book club -- Room. It was soooo good, I greatly enjoyed it. Reading it from the five year old's perspective was very different and the story unfolded nicely. Next up I am reading Water for's an older book, but one I've wanted to read for awhile. We recently signed up for Amazon Prime, which gives us access to a free lending library for Kindles. Since this book was on there, and free, I decided it was time! I'm only a few chapters in, but I am enjoying it already.

:: One more day of work, and then I am off the next four. Yippie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Chris, the goose, is off tomorrow too! I'm jealous!

:: I've been preparing lots and lots of layouts for our scrapbook retreat in February! I've got quite a bit done, and I have another big batch of photos being shipped this week. At the moment, I'm at a stand still! And then once I have that batch preplanned, would you believe that I am out of photos???? I'm all caught up! So after that I'll be working on some of my trip albums...plenty of those to do. I need lots to do at the retreat because I work so fast :) I wish the retreat was tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

Know what you mean. Wish it was tomorrow! My Escape group is filling me with bits of prep they have done for January 15th...I on the other hand am no where close but come that day...bring on the scrapbooking! PTS

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