December 30, 2015

Goals for 2016

I've been giving a lot of thought to my goals for 2016...and I've decided to keep the Mind/Body/Soul concept going. The interesting thing is that, throughout these three categories, I noticed a consistent theme of "Be Still". So that is my focus for the year.

I will practice "being still" (daily, if possible) by laying flat with eyes closed, listening to soft music, for about five minutes. We did this at our end of year meeting, after our group workout. I found it to be quite relaxing and rejuvenating, and I am hopeful that practicing this daily will help control my stress level more effectively. It will also be a time where my mind can be blank and allow room to listen for God's nudging.

As I ramp up the intensity of my workouts in 2016, I want to also take time to be still and focus on purposefully stretching my muscles afterwards to help with muscle recovery and flexibility. I need to take this time for myself, instead of rushing on to the next thing -- I need help being present, instead of always thinking of next next next. I may also throw some yoga classes in there when possible!

Chris and I have decided to read the entire Bible in 2016...we found a chronological plan that we both like, and we are going to follow it as closely as possible so we can complete it by the end of the year. I am excited to read it in chronological order because it will help put things in order for me...that's the way my mind works :) I will set aside this time each day to be still and read His word.

I am looking forward to what 2016 holds for me...have you set any goals for the new year? I'd love to hear them!!

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