January 03, 2016

Great Long Weekend

:: Ahhhh...the New Year has begun, and it included a few days off work. Four straight days, to be exact! Which was pretty much pure boredom for my other half :) But was perfect for me!

:: Things that we did over the long weekend:

- Slept as late as the dogs would let us

- Ate way, way too much food -- Wing Stop, Casa, La Popular, etc etc etc :) The Daniel Plan is coming soon!

- Took Ocho to the vet -- it was time for his annual shots, and I talked to Dr. Bolt about how Ocho's been doing. He has good and not-as-good times...the not-as-good times seem to happen more in the morning and when he gets extra cold. The meds Dr. Bolt has him on currently is a pain med/anti-inflamatory med combo -- he is supposed to take it once a day until it runs out, and then we're to watch him for the next few days to see how he does. If needed, he can remain on this med if it seems he needs it.

- I tried to squeeze in a few episodes of Grey's -- the last one I watched was so intense wowza!!! Chris and I have also been watching Orange is the New Black, which has been interesting! We also watched quite a bit of The Walking Dead marathon.

- I've been doing some reading in the Water for Elephants book -- I'm enjoying it so far! Also did some reading of my magazines.

- Went through and filed all of my paperwork from 2015 -- that took quite awhile!

- I did some preplanning for our upcoming retreat...I'm pretty much at a standstill until my next batch of photos arrives from Shutterfly.

- Chris and I started our daily Bible reading in our chronological plan...it's going well so far!

: The week ahead -- back to work -- back to professional dress code -- getting hair done Thursday...a little less jam packed than the last few weeks, so it will be nice! Happy week to you!!!

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