January 04, 2016

Back to Normal

:: Today was a decent day back to the grindstone...made it through in one piece!

:: After work, I had a great, intense workout -- trying to up my game a bit. Then I started working on my goal of stretching more...it felt great!

:: The Bachelor started tonight and everyone seems gaga over Ben...I didn't watch the last season, so I don't know much about him...but here we are watching!

:: I'm sipping on a little Baileys on the rocks...thanks to Amy's hubby Dukes for introducing me to this delicious, easy drink!! Nom nom!!

:: As we are planning at work for our upcoming Daniel Plan, I have a lot of people freaking out a bit and asking for recipes or help with a "plan"...I'm going to spend a little time tonight trying to come up with something to set their mind at ease a bit.

:: I ordered some photos from Shutterfly last week...and am anxiously awaiting their arrival! Today I received a package from them. It contained one 5x7 photo! ??? Why on earth would they waste the postage on that!?! The other 238 4x6 photos are on their way in a second package. Along with two canvases that I ordered (in a third and fourth package!!) I have something in the works for over our bed...finally...after all these years in the house! I hope it looks ok when I'm done!

:: Not much else to report...until tomorrow!

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