January 05, 2016

Just a Short Note

:: Today, I received a fun package in the mail!! A Beautiful Mess has a monthly subscription service called Messy Boxes -- fun scrapbook supplies! They had a surplus at the end of the year, of leftover stuff...and sold them half off! I bought two Messy Boxes and loved it all! Can't wait to use it!!

:: More Grey's today and oh it's so good...

:: This morning, I had a three and a half hour meeting...whew...that took some endurance. And snacks. And multiple beverages. Went well though. Then I spent the afternoon catching up on emails and work!

:: I am currently reading in Job on my Bible plan...moving right along...

:: Tonight I made chili and cornbread for dinner and it was quite delish!

:: Tomorrow, I should receive my canvases! And then Thursday my photos!! Can't wait!!!

:: That's about all I've got today!

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