January 06, 2016

Today I...

...had a meeting with my fellow supervisors to submit the 4th quarter nominations for our next incentive trip. Those have been turned in and now we wait to see who the lucky attendees will be! Cross your fingers for us :) The trip is to Cancun -- The Moon Palace resort -- looks to be an incredible trip!

...I watched some Grey's, and then watched some more!

...I had an afternoon meeting for our upcoming Daniel Plan, and helped to iron out a few more details...it's coming soon!

...walked after work with Nadene while we discussed mind, body and soul...love that girl!! It was a bit chilly but we warmed up quickly. Nadene has long strides and I had to hustle to keep up!

...I made chicken nuggets, roasted mushrooms, and roasted potatoes for dinner...pretty tasty...

...I received my canvases and my photo order! 246 photos ready to scrapbook! After these are ready, I need to take lots more photos because this is it...this is all I have left!

...next up is my Bible reading...

How was your day???

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